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Concert Series to Educate Families About Water Safety

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Black Line Swim School is very excited to have all our swimmers given the chance to take part in this swimming and water safety education program.

A new initiative from Kids Alive is set to entertain and educate families about water safety. The Kids Alive ‘Couch Concerts’ was a series of free online events starting June 1 to help families with little ones learn how to navigate water safety.

Throughout the month of June, Kids Alive will host over 18 virtual events live at 2pm each day through their Facebook page and website. The events have been designed to deliver water safety messages in a fun and innovative way and will include kids dance concerts, puppet shows, craft videos and book readings.

Click on either of the links below to join the couch concerts on Facebook or the Kids Alive Website

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Founder Laurie Lawrence said the concept was developed in response to the travel and leisure restrictions that have occurred due to COVID-19, with the organisation concerned kids and parents could be missing out on important water safety messages.

“We usually deliver our water safety programs nationally, onsite at swim schools and childcare centres but when we couldn’t travel and when swim schools and childcare centres were restricted, we jumped in and developed the new online events,” Laurie said.
“While restrictions are now starting to be eased, families and young children still need entertainment and education opportunities in the comfort of their own home. These online events may even reach a larger audience and keep water safety front of mind during winter.”

Kids Alive Couch Concerts: Activities
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